Without a home

This year brought a big change with my daughter graduating from LSU in December. I stayed in Louisiana helping to get the house ready for rental and my daughter ready to move to her next destination. I had some work travel during that time including London and Toronto. Toronto brought the joys of travelling to the office in snow and a chance to go AX throwing 🙂


After her graduation we took off to Cancun for Christmas week and enjoyed some fun in the sun and snorkling!


Sunrise on the beach in Cancun

My daughter decided she wanted to move to the Northwest. But as life goes it was hard to get a job without a place to live and hard to get a place to live without a job. Since my life allows me to go anywhere I decided to help her move up there, letting her crash in my 23′ Airstream. It was quite a trek with 2 people and 2 cats. Along the way we looked at various places to settle and ended up in Port Angeles, Washington. Both of us have wanted to explore the Northwest and Olympic peninsula. While in Port Angeles we stayed at Elwa Dam RV Park. This is a great park with very friendly staff. They have a DVD library, clubhouse with laundry, tv, games and clean bathrooms/showers.

Port Angeles is a neat town. From there we were able to grab the Black Ball Ferry to Victoria, BC for a weekend where we saw the most beautiful winter garden. They have a nice waterfront downtown and many shops and restaurants. Hiking for most areas is a bit of a drive requiring anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours to get to some of the beaches and rainforest. Hurricane Ridge is only 45 minute drive and offers great snowshoeing and some ski activities. On days when the snow is packed hard you can also just hike in your boots. I am surprised at how much I enjoy snow hiking!

My daughter decided to follow in my footsteps and get a travel trailer of her own rather than pay rent on an apartment. Unfortunately, within a few weeks I noticed leaks in my Airstream and had to take it into the dealer. The dealer claimed freeze damage, so my insurance became involved. In the end it was not freeze damage and Airstream had to cover it, but this didn’t change fact that I have been without my trailer since January 23rd.


Cape Flattery, northern most point in the continuous states, is gorgeous

During that time my daughter moved over to Forks, Washington (Twilight fans should recognize :)). Forks is a very small town with a single shopping center for your food, hardware and general needs.  The nice thing about Forks is you are much closer to all of the beaches and the HOH rainforest. So far we have hiked 2 rain forests and explored many of the beaches and tide pools.

Since I dropped my trailer off I have spent 4 weeks travelling for work, 1 week living in my daughter’s trailer, 3 weeks at a motel and am now at my mom’s until the end of April. Even though my trailer moves around the country and is not stationary, it has become my home. I’ve taken being homeless pretty well but am beginning to feel the strong need to get back.

Bonus, I was able to visit the San Diego Zoo while in Irvine for work!


Mama hippo ‘sits’ on baby hippo while they nap to keep the baby from wandering off. Baby, without waking, automatically pops up head to breath every 1-2 minutes.

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  1. Love your post. I hate that you were without your trailer so long, but the upside is that I got to spend some time with you. 🙂

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