Unexpected fun and a city off my list!

One of the great things about travelling, while keeping an open mind, is the unexpected. Today, I

traveled to Wilmington, NC (2 hour drive) to meet up with a new backing group from Meetup.com. Decided to travel down early and just work from there for the day. Well that didn’t go quite as smooth as last time (did the same thing last week to meetup with kayaker to paddle the Intercoastal). First, I thought it would be fun to work from the library downtown so I could walk it at lunch. The library started off with a 2 hour parking limit (was told to move my car every 2 hours when I asked about being there all day), next they had several police officers and lots of rules about bags. Turns out this is where individuals with no daytime employment hang out. It was noisy and the conversations, hard to drown out!

Rant Warning! I mean seriously, in your top three bills you pay a month is satellite TV when you don’t have a job?!?! Wow the lives of the priviledged impoverished.
So I moved from there to Barnes & Nobles. Which was fine till the Internet cut me off. This isn’t the first time so I am beginning to think they have a limit per device.  Next I moved to the library I used last week but they close at 5 and I had a 5 and 6 oclock meeting.
By random luck I found a local authentic Latin place called Paso Fina (fresh food, nice staff) and today they have Shag dance lessons.  So although I have a 7 o’clock meeting I’m going to stick around till 7 to enjoy at least 30 minutes of this stumbled upon awesomeness!!
BTW that slide finger typing thing that devices can do, totally neat (first time using! )
I ended up chatting with this great group of people from the backpacking loop for longer than expected so never made it back to Shag dance. The location we were at, Brewers Kettle and Wine, had a great patio and beer selection.
To sum it up, I’ve spent 2 days in Wilmington now and find it to be just another crowded large city. Not on my future list of places to revisit. However, I never made it to TopSail which was recommended so I will have to remember to visit there next time.
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