The Next Kind Loving Thing

I was visiting with my Dad and Step-Mom (Nickname: Oso) one evening this past week while playing cards where we are camped and we started discussing mindfulness. Oso shared a saying that a dear friend had told her. She said that when you get confused or anxious just do the next kind loving thing. That could be cleaning a toilet, cooking a meal for a loved one, or smiling. Whatever form it shapes, being mindful is at the center of it. This stuck with me and the next morning as I was doing my daily meditation session I decided to try mantra meditation and used this as a chant. Later that day after work as I was walking through the hills towards the mountains behind my camp this continued to resonate in my mind. Then I saw lots of trash.


This kind of trash is everywhere here.

Immediately my thoughts were, the next kind loving thing I could do would be to organize a great RVers trash pick up day where everyone will take time to clean up where ever they are camping. I giggle now thinking about how easy it was to forget to be mindful. As I continued to think way into the future and how I could make a difference I overlooked what I could be doing in the now and present. I stopped myself and told myself I would return with a bag and gloves the next chance I got free from work and pick up the trash. THAT is the next kind loving thing I could do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited about the idea of a some kind of RVer movement for trash pickup, but I will start at home with myself first! Of course this led to me carrying someone else’s trash 3 miles back down from the Crack in the Wall trail I completed on Saturday. I’ll tell you all about this in my next blog. This was one of my favorite all time hikes so far!


Trash from the trail that I carried back. It was left on the side of the trail. I imagine someone sat down to rest and just forgot about it.

I’ve had a few people wonder about the recent places I’ve stayed. Two of the most recent have been at American Girl Mine Road featuring a trip to Puerto Penasco, a.k.a. Rocky Point. Rather than write about them myself I will share with you the posts made by two of my fellow campers who did a great job writing about our stays there.

American Girl Mine Road by RVChickadee and Puerto Penasco by Becky of Interstellar Orchard.

Until next time.

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One thought on “The Next Kind Loving Thing

  1. Hey, Chica!! What a great story and message all in one. It’s truly frustrating to see the large amounts of trash found in some camping areas. The worst couple of places I have been to were the Grand Canyon south- boondocking in the National Forest there and at Joshua Tree North. (Also a boondocking spot.) I picked up a couple of bags of trash at the GC. Unreal. And yes, why not put a positive spin on these things? I love the way you think. Thanks for linking to my story. : )

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