Realize: Taking the Challenge!

I’ve rarely met someone who doesn’t know that we need to make changes to our way of living to better the planet. The difference between knowing and doing is truly realizing. Most of have something that is our final trigger that pushes us to start to make change. Maybe it’s a picture of an animal covered in oil, or visiting our town dump that makes us take all the messaging we hear and realize we need to take action.

As part of my  journey I took the challenge to collect my garbage for a week. I collected all my waste to see how much I contribute to the landfill weekly and to determine what types of items I trash and what changes I can make to minimize.

Here’s my trash! This is just for 1 person for 1 week, ridiculous!! To be fair my cat contributed, in fact 2 bags of garbage are his litter waste.

The large box was from a pet booster seat. Made from recycled materials!

My bag dedicated to plastics.

The faster the food, the more waste

Getting food to go generates a lot of waste and much of that is plastic.  Even if you eat-in, many quick style restaurants serve the food in throw away containers.

This is just from 1 lunch at Cheesecake Bistro. I had only 20 minutes to grab food and get back to office.

What I realized is that my lack of planning is the key reason I generate much of my garbage.

For me, I find myself eating quick foods when I allow myself to be caught away from home and get hungry and or tired. Two things you can do to help minimize this is prepare and pack. On one of your off days prepare a meal that tastes good re-heated and package a few servings of this. Knowing that when you get home all you have to do is reheat can help you avoid a drive through. For those of us who RV and boondock without use of a microwave, you can reheat just as well on your gas stove in a pan with a cover, or in your oven (you can get these metal food storage trays and heat it up like a TV dinner). 

Next time you are at the grocery store, visit the bulk aisle and use one of your re-usable bags or containers to get some trail mix or nuts. Keeping something like this in your purse or car can help you stave off hunger until you can sit down for a real meal on real dishes.

My Plan for Change

First I will recycle the items I can. Fortunately for me the RV Park I am in has a mixed recyclables dumpster and lots of nice fruit trees too! There is also a website ‘Recycle Nation’ that can show you local options for recycling. The app is currently not working well but the website had listings.

Orangeland RV Park is covered in fruit tress that visitors can pick.

Second I will meal prep for the week to avoid having to get quick foods.

Third I will make a list of items for both house projects and reducing waste. This way I can pick up reused items from local resale or thrift stores that I will need in the future. This will reduce last minute purchases of new materials.

Resale store in Orange, CA that sells nice gently used clothing. Another way to reduce and reuse.

This week I will be focusing on reducing and will give some tips in next week’s blog!

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