One big loop

Tonight I decided to randomly explore to the East of me. I started driving towards Oriental, a big sailing town. I was hoping I could walk around and enjoy it like I do New Bern downtown, but there really wasn’t much to little place. Saw a marina that caught my eye if I had a boat to stay on.

My complete journey

Next I made it over to the Cherry Branch Minnesot ferry. My first NC ferry! Then decided to check out Emerald Isle. While there went to Third Street parked, got out and walked the beach. The beach there is okay. Lots of shells if you like to collect them, kind of a mixed light/dark sand. Not many rocks but due to shells still watch out. Water felt great on my feet. Good amount of people strolling around the beach and town walk ways to enjoy the evening sunset.

Emerald Isle, NC (Third Street Park entrance)

After enjoying a few minutes on the beach, I got hungry. Looking around I decided against several places and landed on Amos’s Mosquito Restaurant. Place had good reviews. When I drove up, the amount of cars parked in the parking lot, on the road, up on grass, was intimidating, but I decided a good meal would be worth a wait. When I got in the wait was 20-25 minutes for table, but I was able to immediately get a seat at the bar.  The food was FANTASTIC! I got the single fried pork chop plate for $16.95. The sauteed spinach was probably some of the best I’ve ever eaten, the tasso gravy was delicious, the pork chop had a good crust and the potatoes were yummy. Enjoyed a nice malbac blend with my dinner. The place is a bit pricey but the food was executed well. My pork chop, while a bit overcooked, was still moist and the service was excellent. They have local seafood and nightly specials too.

Didn’t think to take a pic of my meal but here’s the restaurant!
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