On Top of the World with my Go Pro

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Hero 7 Go Pro and finally got a chance to try it out. While in Irvine, California for a few weeks for a work event some colleagues and I spent our Sunday taking a 8.4 mile hike in Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park. This park features the Top of the World hike and several other trails. Our goal was the Rock-It Trail loop. We had to adjust since many of the trails we planned in the loop were closed due to rain but still had an awesome hike.

Great ocean overlooks from the Top of the World

For the video I stayed in time lapse mode most of the time to test out how long the battery would last. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my spare battery so i was only able to capture about 2 hours of the hike. The video is broken down into 2 parts to make it easier to watch.

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