On Stuff and Gifts When Living a RV or Mindful Life

I recently was camping down at American Girl Mine Road BLM with some fellow Xscapers. One of my fellow campers, Kelly, started posting some items she had to give away as she was downsizing her stuff. Both Kelly and another camper wanted to have less items so they had the freedom to get a smaller trailer if they chose to without stressing on where everything would go. This inspired me to do some more minimizing myself. I had been feeling antsy and uncomfortable in my trailer and part of that is stuff everywhere. I easily found two bags worth of stuff for donation that I don’t and haven’t used. The reality is most of us don’t need a lot of things. We want them, we hang onto them just in case, but what really happens is they hang onto us, they tether us and tie us down. I immediately felt better after getting rid of these unneeded items (and cleaning up)! Each time I have minimized or downsized in my life, it has always been a positive change.


Having a smaller trailer and choosing this life allows me to fit in small peaceful places like this in the Old 95 camping area north of Lake Havasu. 

Which brings me to gift giving. I’ve stopped regular giving of gifts for holidays and birthdays. Why would I send some meaningless, date obligated trinket to weigh down someone I care about. Instead I would rather wait until I can give a gift of real meaning. Maybe I don’t give my sibling a birthday gift for years, but then one day see a very special, very expensive item that I know they would cherish. Guess what! I don’t hesitate to buy it. I could spend $ each year on items that will ultimately end up in the garage or wait until something very special comes along (doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive).  I also ask my family to not give me gifts. When you live in a small space every item counts. So what do I do when someone wants to give me a gift? I make sure to include on my Amazon list items that I truly need or plan to buy for my RV or self. I suggest a gas card or Walmart card. But mostly I let them know that they best gift they could give me would be their time. It could be a video chat, nice long phone call or in-person visit. I would love to hear about how you deal with gifts and stuff in your life. Please share in the comment section!


Old 95 camp area north of Lake Havasu. This is behind my camper. It’s a bit close to 95 so there is road noise, but surprisingly beautiful. Lots of off-road trails and vehicles around too.

Currently I’m camping north of Lake Havasu City. I started at the Old 95 camping area but that road is really rough and my parents couldn’t get their rig down it. In fact, my Dad and Step-Mom had to come help me exit the area since I had already damaged the bottom of my trailer some scraping on the road in (thank goodness we had a lot of boards and levelers!)  Today I went into Lake Havasu City to shop. I kept thinking about a junk food food fix as I was driving towards town. Usually in my mindlessness I would assume this is what I would want and would just go through a drive through without even giving it a second thought. But today I gave it mindful consideration. You know what I realized? I wasn’t really craving junk food. I was feeling peaceful and healthy and didn’t want junk food from the grocery store or fast food from a drive through that would just make me feel crappy. So I went to town, dropped off my donation of stuff to the local Veteran thrift store, did my grocery shopping and left as healthy as I came.

One really neat thing was Smith’s had a very large bulk food area. This is great for a solo RVer or anyone with minimal space. I can buy exactly what I need without having a big package that will sit around taking up space or a whole jar of spice that will lose its freshness before I can use it. BTW, Smith’s is a part of the same chain as Kroger’s and Fry’s, so if you have a card for one of them you can use it at all of them!

Please share any ideas you have for incorporating mindfulness in everyday life.

Until next time!

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  1. I have been slowly downsizing at home as well. Getting rid of craft items I have not used in over a year etc. I am finding the older I get the less “stuff” i want to have to organize and clean around.

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