Meeting Intentions

Before I started this journey I kept telling myself, as soon as I hit the road I’m going to get back to being healthier, more active, more mindful, more open. I laugh now as I think about it, since I often say that if someone says they are starting their diet or new lifestyle next week or on January 1 then most likely they won’t succeed. I felt this way because lifestyle changes aren’t something you start and stop, they don’t have a finish line, they are daily choices you make. My INTENTIONS were good and all but that’s all they were. My excuses were equally as good 😉

I’ve given a lot of thought to intentions. I hear people all the time say someone ‘means well’, they have a good heart, they are trying.. but often this simply means that they have verbally stated that they intend to be a good person, to do a good thing or start a new habit. The reality is WE ARE NOT our intentions, we are the culmination of our actions and choices. I may want to be healthy and active but if each day I make the choice to eat bad foods and not exercise then I am not a healthy person. Just as someone may want to be a good person, but if they make choices and do things that hurt others consistently then they probably aren’t a good person.

Intentions are meant to help us grow, to help us make goals and new directions, but we must ACT on them to get anywhere. As I set up in a new town and started thinking of my intention to be healthy I decided to look in town and see if there was a yoga studio. I found this great place called ‘A Hopeful Balance‘ that offered a $30 for 30 day new client deal. Since drop in classes are $10 a class, this was a great deal. I signed up! I paid! I scheduled classes! And I went! (Notice all the action verbs!!!!)

This morning I enjoyed a beautiful class of sunrise yoga by the water. This evening I meet a meetup group out of Wilmington to kayak.

I’m not healthy yet, I still make unhealthy choices, but each good choice I make, each action I do brings me that much closer!

Here’s hoping you live out your intentions and they become your reality!!

If you are in New Bern, NC, I highly recommend checking out this Yoga studio. The classes are great and the teachers are awesome.

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