I might be a desert girl after all!?

Heading West across Texas was a long day’s drive. I set out to do this in 2 days but just didn’t find anything to hold my interest for stops and kept driving until next thing I knew I was almost to Deming, NM!  I have never seen so much roadkill in my life. I’m not just talking small animals, I saw at least 3 large deer, a few domestic pets and many small to medium animals. There wasn’t much in the way of scenery and as I was driving I kept thinking that this really wasn’t my kind of landscape.

I will say, El Paso was crowded, trafficky, small lanes with the city almost on top of the interstate. Very glad I didn’t stay there. Instead I stayed at an Escapees park called Dreamcatcher RV in Deming, NM. The park is nice with good level gravel, spacious sites, nice small trees throughout (they were much prettier when I arrived – cold came!). They have activities, laundry, club house, shower and you can use the pool and exercise room at the hotel next door. Only drawback is Deming is at 4300′ elevation, so on my second day here I was introduced to temperatures at night in the low 20’s, a whole new experience for me.

I discovered by surprise that I truly do find this landscape beautiful. There is such serenity in being able to see miles and miles with no obstructions; no trees, no buildings, just open land. The sunrises and sunsets have such beautiful colors and you can truly enjoy them all around you. I went out and hiked at Rock Hounds State Park and Spring Canyon. Spring Canyon was a .9 mile hike up to the top of the ridge. It was pretty steep and slippery (loose rocks and gravel) in many places, but it was worth the hike to the top! I couldn’t stay very long because of gusty winds making me nervous, but super glad I made the trek.
Panorama of the front side of the Spring Canyon trail.
View from the ridge looking to the other side.
On my way up!
Thunder egg trail at Rock Hound.

I also started some new good morning habits here, starting my day out with a 15 minute Yoga morning routine and 10 minute meditation. It feels good and sets the tone of my day! I was hoping to do some sunset yoga outside this evening, but instead it has turned cloudy, grey and windy. Deming also has a winery, St. Claire’s, and tonight they have live music in the evening that I am looking forward to enjoying.

I met a nice couple that is also headed to Quartzsite and gave me their card and some places to check out. I look forward to meeting more new people on my journey.

Tomorrow I head to Phoenix, AZ to put my Airstream in the shop this week (possible leak :$) and will be flying out to Irvine, CA for my work for a few days. When I return, it’s onto Quartzsite!

-As always, lack of proper grammar, made up words and poor punctuation is a result of lack of care! 
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