Hike Shi Shi Beach in 5 minutes

Okay so you can’t really hike to this beach in 5 minutes but you can watch my video to see the entire trail thanks to time lapse on my Go Pro.

A little about this trail and a few logistics you may want to know. Shi Shi Beach is located in Clallam Bay, Washington and is an 8 mile round trip hike to get down to the Point of Arches at the far end of the beach. If you are going for the day you only need the Makah Recreation pass which you can pick up for $10 at the grocery store or gas station in the town. If you are staying overnight, like we did, then you will also need a wildnerness camping permit. New for 2019 is a $6 reservation fee with their new online reservation system. You cannot park overnight at the Shi Shi trailhead. It is a small parking lot (oops I forgot to include it in my video) but does have pit toilet bathrooms. If you are staying overnight you must park at one of the local private houses that offer paid parking and walk to the trailhead. The closest one is .6 miles back and charges $10 a day, cash, for each day you park.

This trail is described as mucky. We were fortunate that there had not been any recent rains so the trail was much drier than usual, but still pretty mucky in many spots. It is an easy day hike but if you can catch a nice weather weekend the sunset is supposed to be beautiful and might be worth staying overnight. Unfortunately we were 100% overcast all weekend and it wasn’t that great. Make sure you plan to be there for low tide and give yourself extra time to walk down to the point of arches. There are lots of little sea caves, arches, and tide pools to enjoy. We even saw a raccoon in one of the arches.

There are plenty of camping options. Ours had some nice benches. Bear canisters are required and can be picked up at the WIC center with your permit.

While there I was even able to collect a glass vodka bottle for an upcycle project. I had the bright idea to fill it with sand for some bottle art. You’d be surprised how much a little extra weight can make a difference in a backpack! I also lost one of my Teva sandals 😭 and spent most of the evening on the beach in socks 😆.

Hope you enjoy the trail with me!

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