Family Time

It’s been awhile since my last post. Since leaving Utah I have traveled up through Colorado, through Laramie, Wyoming (Loved this town!) across South Dakota (stayed outside badlands) to Wisconsin/Michigan (Kayaking and backpacking Isle Royale) to Jackson Center (Airstream work), Florida (family, conference and RV buddy meet) and now sit in Cummings, GA visiting my family in the area.

This Saturday I got to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. First time we have ever had a celebration with her. Growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness we didn’t celebrate birthdays and just have never had an opportunity to do so as an adult. My grandma turned 79. In April, we will be taking a cruise together along with other family. For her birthday I let her know that I will be taking her to Sicily sometime in 2018/2019. This is where her family is from and she has always wanted to visit. Her health is good and I want to share this special trip with her while I can.

One of the awesome things about this full-time life is the ability for me to set up here in Atlanta for several weeks to have lots of time to spend with family. No rushed weekend or holiday trip but day in day out visits.  It also allowed me to meet my sister, niece and brother-in-law in Florida to camp together for a week. I love that my lifestyle allows me the freedom to spend time doing quality things that give meaning to life.


My niece enjoying time on Navarre beach. We stayed at Santa Rosa RV Park. I didn’t have a waterfront view, but was able to borrow my sister’s!

While here I am staying Twin Lakes RV Park in Cumming, GA. Quiet park with a nice set of ponds with fountains. No amenities like bathhouses or laundry but the spots on the lake are nicely spaced and easy to pull into. They don’t give a discount for weekly stays and at $35 a night that can add up fast.


My spot on the lake. #86.

After this week I head back to Louisiana to sell my house and watch my daughter graduate from LSU. She has been inspired to live the #vanlife and travel herself after graduation.

Here are a few pictures from my travels.


This guy was at Busch Gardens in Tampa. He looked very meditative. Reminds me to pick up my meditation again!


Never miss a chance to enjoy hammock time. Needed a nap so set up my hammock at the rest stop on the way to Florida in a pavilion and enjoyed.


Coming off Isle Royale, all of my backpacking gear was muddy! Used a rest stop with water to wash and dry everything. Unfortunately I forgot my boots sitting on the tire until I ran over run. No worries, the boot was okay 🙂


Hiking on Isle Royale was beautiful. One of my favorite National Parks now. Each day we were treated to unique and new flora and fauna. Next time I go back I will have a book with me so I can look up. We saw a Moose butt!


On top of the ridge Sunday morning, day 2 of our week long backpack. A bit foggy but still pretty.

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