Does minimal waste + travel conflict?

Today I opened my inbox and read the latest post from Eco Warrior Princess and it perfectly described my current inner struggle.

I love my ability to travel anywhere in my RV. It allows me to see and experience so much of our Earth’s beauty. I have imagined myself going to other countries and spending months traveling all over the place, jet-setting around the world.

At the same time I want to make a positive impact. The saying YoloMic (you only live once make it count) is typically applied to traveling and experiencing different adventures. So far in my life I really can’t say that I’ve done much to make a true impact on this world other than raise a wonderful daughter (she makes me proud!) I wonder if I wouldn’t be more fulfilled if I ‘made it count’ by focusing on making a difference?

Anyone who has spoken to me recently knows that I’ve decided to get more serious about my passion for advocacy around minimizing waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve been busy setting up my RV so that it best supports my sustainable lifestyle and finding local resources where I can purchase food and household items at bulk. I have found this to be much more successful because I am currently stationary in one area. It almost seems that the full-time traveling RV lifestyle is the opposite of that. Aren’t I burning more fuel… consuming more resources? Doesn’t it take away from time for me to participate in programs to make changes?

For now I plan to stick around the Port Angeles area for the rest of this year as I make a decision at this pivotal point in my life. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What type of passions do you focus on? How much have they driven your lifestyle and choices in life?

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2 thoughts on “Does minimal waste + travel conflict?

  1. I travelled extensively last year visiting National Parks and consumed around a 1,000 gallons of fuel. Agree with your philosophy of conservation. So this year I was fortunate to get a job working in Yellowstone for the season. My fuel footprint will be decreased by 75% and I will still get to be in a beautiful place.

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