Commuting, reducing and hiking

Best laid plans and all…. I had planned to continue my series on reducing waste with the 9 R’s but find myself short on time this week. I am in Irvine for an on-site work event and the long hours and daily traffic filled commute are a big time limit (we even worked this Saturday.)

I-5 Saturday traffix

Always traffic on the 5! Even on Saturday.

I made some progress this week with reducing and my garbage amount was almost half from last week with barely any plastic.

Lunch box from local resale shop that I store snacks and reusable silverware.

I was able to end the week with a great hike in the Laguna Beach area including a brief walk on the beach. I’ll be uploading my hiking footage to my YouTube channel later this week.

Laguna Beach

Some of West Ridge trail.

I saw this tree and thought what a perfect climbing tree!

Top of the World trail.

I have 1 more week of office time and then off to meet the Xscapers for Skydiving!

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