Bryce, Briefly

At the end of my Zion area stay I flew out from Las Vegas to Irvine, CA for a work event. I went into Vegas a day early and stayed at the Cortez hotel on Freemont street. Freemont street had some great sites but I think the night life is best enjoyed with some friends. My work event was great as it was the first time I got to meet in person many of the awesome individuals I work with at my company. While I was gone, Mr. Hester (nickname for my RV), sat in Bella Vista storage waiting patiently for my return, slowly having the life drained from his batteries šŸ˜‰


This guy lights up with fire to music throughout the day and night! It’s located next to a container park which as really neat eateries, outdoor seating and a park for kids. Freemont street was interesting!

So when I flew in on Sunday, I picked up Mr. Hester and traveled to Beaver, UT to stay at a park I found on Passport America for only $13.50 a night! While the reviews stated Beaver Canyon Campground was rustic, I found it charming, peaceful and a great place to stay. There was even a great little Mexican restaurant on site. This is a family run place, moms been cooking in theĀ restaurant for 25 years.


All sites are pull through and have a neat little covered picnic space with shelves and a fire pit.

I ended up staying 2 nights at the campground. I searched the area for a good boondocking spot with internet andĀ came up empty so decided to stay 1 more night at the campground and take a half day to enjoy Bryce Canyon National Park. This place is gorgeous. A half day is NOT enough!! I did a brief hike of Queen’s trail and Sunset/Sunrise trail and drove to all the viewpoints. Can’t wait to come back here again some day.


You get to drive through this!


For you Mom, a picture that includes me!


I only wish my camera could do this place justice. You should check out William Trinkle’s pics – awesome!

I spent the rest of the time charging up the RV and electronics, flushing the tanks, giving a good cleaning to remove the dust from Sheep Bridge road and preparing to head to Moab as soon as my work meetings finished on Tuesday.

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