Advocacy Program

What it is

My goal is to promote awareness and motivate people to reduce their waste. I will do this through:

My Blog

Providing education, tips, and stories for my readers.

My Self

Putting into practice changes into my life and sharing these with friends, family and colleagues.

My Activities

Types of activities I am looking to engage in include: booths at local fairs offering re-usable items at low cost,  starter kits for individuals with re-use items for common needs as care packages, and clean-up opportunities in locations I am in. I’m early in my program and expect these will grow in time. Any monies raised from affiliate links on my site will go to these activities.

My Hobby Project

This summer I am planning to do a conversion van build out using mostly reclaimed eco-friendly materials. Hopefully I can help show followers how much you can do with what is already available without needing to manufacture new materials.



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